Monday, August 10, 2009

Watercolor Class with My Oldest Daughter

My oldest daughter, Sara and I (who is pregnant with our first grandbaby ~ yippee!), took a Digital Photo Watercolor class from the Kansas City Art Institute recently. On a couple of the days the instructor had us meet at the Muriel Kauffman's Memorial Garden just east of the Plaza in Kansas City ~ an amazing place to see if you've never been. I took photos of the beautiful and interesting assortment of flowers that could be used as reference for our paintings. I spent the entire session photographing my "baby girl" from all angles, sitting on one of the many benches, and the endless blooms that caught my eye! It was a beautiful day in many ways!

~ Minature Keepsake Scrapbooks ~ A favorite workshop!

I had a wonderful group of ladies come to my Vintage Arts Studio to learn how to create a Miniature Keepsake Scrapbook. Everyone brought their own assortment of fabrics to make it their "own." We all got busy creating the pages with fabric, cardstock (to make the pages more stiff), and by xyroning them together. Each of them made 5 to 6 signatures for their book.

Notice the package of ephemera that we gave to each of the get their ideas flowing for embellishing later.

My mom (Marilyn) and I both taught this workshop together. She brought over her vintage Singer sewing machine and I had my Singer ready to go ~ she and I stitched the signatures onto the binding piece as the girls completed them.

Measuring for the inside front and inside back covers. (M&M's help...)

They each finished up their scrapbooks by covering bookboard with some of the fabrics that they brought with them and glued it to the binding piece with the signatures all sewn in place.

Checking out the finished Miniature Keepsake Scrapbooks ~ everyone seemed excited about the possibilities of embellishing the scrapbooks when they got home ~ filling them up with their own photos, memorabilia, or ephemera.

If you are interested in taking another Miniature Keepsake Scrapbook creative workshop, email me at or call me (913) 963-2985. Lauri