Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Houses Collage - Friends of a Feather - Creative Retreat

Mom and I hosted a 
Friends of a Feather ~  Creative Retreat 
this past Sunday.  The gals who joined us got busy right away preparing their frames before deciding what theme they wanted to make their "Little Houses Collage."

The possibilities are endless...I have an enormous collection of inspiring pieces of art to use in a project of this kind.  Everyone was enjoying "playing" with ideas...coming up with the perfect choice for them!

Each of the girls had the choice to add a few special embellishments 
to truly make it their own...using buttons, lace, 
bingo markers, old rulers, scrabble pieces...
Amy added some additional layers to her little houses.
Jennifer decided to use Paris themed art...with memories of 
her trip to Europe with her husband last summer 2009...
~ ~ ~
Mary and Debbie are two friends who joined us to share in the 
creativity...they enjoyed their girl-time making something together.
Everyone who participates in a Creative Retreat is given a 
"Friends of a Feather"
~ Friendship Token ~
For this retreat we made little tags to give the girls...
just a little something extra to take home with them!
As the girls finished their projects, we served little cheesecakes with 
fresh berries, almonds, raspberry tea and coffee...delicious!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Friends of a Feather - Our Spring Gathering of Like-Minded Souls...

I apologize for the delay in posting about the Friends of a Feather sale...My husband Brian and I left town after the sale with our immediate family to renew our wedding vows in the mountains of Colorado - May 31st was our 30th happy!!

Anyway... our Friends of a Feather Spring sale was an enormous hit...again...thanks to all of those who stopped by to shop our antiques, repurposed items, and our enjoy share in the friendship of like-minded souls...

We expanded our selling area into my garden courtyard where we featured wonderful iron garden gates, bird baths, stepping stones, stained glass garden ornaments and flower plantings in unique containers.
We created a "Handmade Boutique" in my vintage home for our featured artisans to display their unique treasures for all to enjoy and purchase.

Always a baked goodie to enjoy on hand!

There were wonderful items to choose from that came from several new "Friends" as well as the old, that we displayed on the driveway...we had originally reserved a big pole tent that was put up on the lawn...but, due to the rain the day before the sale, the yard was a bit we opted to put everything on dry land!

My husband Brian is always ready to dish up a lunch that he prepared for anyone who needs a little nourishment!
A brother and sister enjoying a snack on the little rocker that was for sale...waiting for mommy to finish up her shopping...
Thanks to my sister Cara and my Aunt Carol from Boise, to help keep the sales "ringing."
From right to left: My sister Cara...Mom...Aunt Carol...Me (Lauri) niece Alexandra.
I can't forget to mention my newest little new grandson Max!  
He came to see what Grama Lolli's sale was all about!