Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer has flown by!

Three months have flown by since our spring Friends of a Feather sales event and it's been two months since I have posted on our Friends of a Feather blog.  I have been enjoying my sweet grandson Max and anticipating the birth of my new little granddaughter and time has just gotten away from me!  You can see that this little guy could be a little a very good way!! 

Though we are not planning a Fall Sales Event at my home, a couple of my Friends of a Feather and I are still collecting some wonderful things to repurpose or to sell at our next gathering ~ we will keep you posted when our next Friends of a Feather gathering will be... 

Until then, you can find unique and primitive finds, repurposed and refinished furniture in Cheryl's quaint little store on Santa Fe Drive in old downtown Overland Park called Now & Then.  

Nicole is the artful master at refinishing and repurposing furniture.  She makes an old piece of furniture breathe new life again in a very nostalgic way.  She sells her one-of-a-kind pieces in Cheryl's store.

We headed South from Kansas City...took two cars and two routes...Mom and I in one car, Cheryl, Helen and Nicole in another...Mom and I meandered along our route stopping and taking photos of flowers and other things that piqued our interest as we passed by. We love old worn structures that remind us of days gone by. This old school house was a beauty...

 As Mom and I were enjoying our route...the other girls on the other hand, who left earlier than we did, and took an alternate route, ended up with a flat tire...and had to wait for AAA to rescue them and take them to the nearest town with a Walmart to get it fixed!  All they wanted to do was to get some where to start digging for unique and wonderful treasures!!! 

Finally, we met up at one of our planned destinations, and after several stops that were almost a complete bust...which is so disheartening when you have money to spend and you are just itching to find that perfect something...we eventually found this amazing antique store!

All of us Friends of a Feather LOVE primitives...and this store was chalked full of wonderful finds at excellent prices.  We all piled up our found treasures in preparation to take them home with us!

 We are all cubby horders...Nicole found this green beauty that she has to keep for herself!

 Helen and Cheryl both have short hair...Nicole found a wig in the antique store that had a similar she couldn't resist putting it on...the Three Musketeers!!  We were rolling with laughter!

You know when you go antiquing and find things that you just LOVE and you get the wonderful feeling of attachment and excitement...ok...we were wetting our pants...needless to say...we were on Cloud 9!

The woman who owned the primitive antique store directed us to a pole barn full of unique architectural pieces that could be used for repurposing into some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces...

 Old doors...who doesn't love them?  
The blue paint on the one we found is scrumptious...

We are all anxious to find another road less traveled build our inventory of great finds to share with all of you other Friends of a Feather out there!!