Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creative Family Traditions...

I come from a very creative family. My dad was a prominent Kansas City commercial artist and my Mom, well if you've been to our Friends of a Feather events, you probably have seen her beautiful, inspiring gems that she has created with her own two hands.  My brother Scott, my two nieces Alexandra and Shelby are all amazing artists, not to mention my two daughters who are wonderful artists and creative women too, but don't give themselves enough credit...

One of my all-time favorite holiday traditions with my family on Thanksgiving is to sit around the dining room table and create a Christmas ornament.  Now the tradition will continue with my grandchildren...this was priceless to see Max and Annabelle checking out the art supplies at youngest little buddy, Sullivan was napping at this time...he will be able to join in the fun next Thanksgiving...see his photo below!

Notice the turkey T-Shirts that my daughter Jennifer designed and created for the kids.

My little buddy Sullivan...such a happy little guy!
I'd like to invite you to share your 
creative family tradition
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