Tuesday, July 28, 2009

thinking outside the box

i was in my studio today working on some new trays. i have been collecting old handles while out junking.....

and old boxes, drawers,

and even some fruit crates.

i still line them with beautiful papers (a signature to tray bella) and i think that these 'boxes and drawers', along with those funky handles, will turn out to be some beautiful one of a kind trays.
i will post another photo once i get the cool handles attached to them.

these, along with others, will be for sale at the next Friends of a Feather sale! i can not wait to see you there! ~ kathi

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~ Paper Memory Quilt Workshop at Vintage Arts Studio

Gay and Teresa ~ two new "Friends of a Feather"...and best of friends :) ~joined us for Robin Macintosh's Paper Memory Quilt Workshop last week in my Vintage Arts Studio. They brought some of their own ephemera that represented some memories in their life, along with buttons, fabrics, beads, charms, photos and alot more "little diddles" to create their own one-of-a-kind 9 patch Paper Memory Quilt.

Robin is an amazing instructor ~ she knows when to step in and help ~ and knows when to step back and let the participants' own creative juices flow...

Gay had fond memories of her mother making her clothes when she was growing up in the 1970's ~ and some NOT so fond...when she wanted to wear a dress too short for her mother's taste :) ~ (I remember those days myself...) She used some of the actual fabrics these clothes were made from along with photos of herself in the same clothes to create her Paper Memory Quilt.

Teresa wanted to create her Paper Memory Quilt of things to represent the love between her other best friend...her husband ~ and herself. She has treasured a note from her husband that he gave to her many moons ago...as well as a little paper window she hung on her wall that he gave to her to brightenher outlook when she worked in a window-less office ~ Life is good :)

I wanted to try my hand at the Paper Memory Quilt, too! I used things that represent things that I love... the B&L represents my husband and I ~ married almost 30 years now :) ...the number 3 ~ which represents our three children Sara, Jennifer and Michael...dogs ~ I have two Great Danes ~ Cooper and Daisy Mae...old vintage homes...old typography...old laces...old keys. I have ideas flowing for more Paper Memory Quilts!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

~ A Girl's "Craft Day" at The Vintage Arts Studio ~

I hosted a lovely group of "like-minded" souls at my Vintage Arts Studio ~ "A Girl's Day Out." I could see that these girl's were seasoned crafters! :) They brought their own goodies to work on and brought their supplies in boxes, bags, and rolling carts ~ it was amazing! They chatted for a few minutes before settling in to their "spot" ~ and then they got busy...the chatting among good friends never ceased ~ talking about life, creating, their passions, and sharing experiences ~ very uplifting and inspiring listening and watching these girls go to work!

Mother and daughter ~ sharing in the fun art of "crafting."

~ Some of the amazing projects that were being worked on ~

Some of the girls brought their own goodies to munch on ~ while some of them ordered a yummy box lunch that was provided by a dear "Friend of a Feather" of mine ~ Kathi ~ see the previous post to see her amazing artistic flair on box lunches!

A fun and very productive day was enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

box lunch

The Vintage Arts Studio had a few girls in today for some creative time. I was asked to prepare a few box lunches for them.
I'm a big believer of packaging. I think you should take the time to make your presents beautiful and I think the same even if I'm just delivering box lunches.
Simple paper craft boxes are easy to find at craft stores and are a perfect size for holding lunch.
To jazz them up a bit I just cut rectangle shapes of scrapbook paper for the top. Wrapped each with a ribbon and sealed with a label.

Inside was the yummy lunch. Homemade pasta salad loaded with vegetables and cheese. A hunk of asiago cheese bread (from Panera) and a good sized piece of chocolate brownie cake.
A cute napkin to wrap the fork in and mints (because I added onions to the pasta salad). A bottle of lemon water was also included.
I hope they were enjoyed by all!
If you are planning an event at the Vintage Arts Studio ask Lauri about the box lunch details.