Monday, June 27, 2011

Come and Play!

We have several offerings for creative workshops in my studio, and have reserved a spot for several who want to "come and play."  We still have a few if you have any interest, please call or email me to reserve your spot. or (913) 963-2985.

Refer to my previous post at the following link with all of the details of the workshops that my Mom and I offer:

Our workshops cater to women who want to make something, but don't take the time, or don't feel like they can be creative.  Our workshops are intimate and hands on...we make it easy for you to create something that you will enjoy making, and love to take home, while sharing time with other like-minded women!

We also have guest instructors that teach workshops in my studio...

See the photos below to get an idea of the workshop setting in my studio...
These girls had fun "playing."

Little Birdie Told Me Paper Mache' Workshop

Rustic Winter Ornament Workshop

Little Houses Collage Workshop
Soldering Charm Workshop

A Success in Spite of the Rain!

We had a great turn out and a successful sale, in spite of the rain!  A special thank you goes to those of you who came by the first morning, when we were closed due to the rain.  We appreciated you being patient with us!   I believe most everyone who stopped by the sale took a treasure home with them that they couldn't live without!  A few of you even stopped by more than once!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Instructors at Vintage Arts Studio

If you have ever wanted to learn how to do Mosaics, here is a perfect opportunity to do it in a small class setting in my studio.  Penny Johnson is one of my new guest instructors who will teach this fun workshop.  During the workshop the participants will be able to create either a frame or a handheld mirror.  See the samples below of some of Penny's work, to give you ideas of color schemes, that could be done in the workshop on your mirror or frame.  

Two-Part Workshop - Monday, July 18th and Tuesday, July 19th
 7:00 to 9:00 - $65.00 per person

Barbara Crawford is another guest designer/instructor who has been teaching workshops successfully for many years!  She is offering a stitchery workshop in my studio where you can select from three Christmas stocking designs. The timing of this workshop is just perfect to create a special handmade stocking before the holiday madness begins!  See the samples below of the three stockings you will be able to choose from.  

Two-Part Workshop - Wednesday, August 24th and 
Thursday, August 25th
 6:30 to 9:00 - $40.00 per person

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creative Workshops in the Vintage Arts Studio

"Wings & Things" 
Photo Shadow Box Workshop

Date:  Wednesday, July 27th 
Time: 7:00 to 9:00ish
Fee: $45.00

Most materials for the Wings & Things Photo Shadowbox will be provided, which includes a shadowbox frame and a few embellishments to choose from. The only thing you need to bring is a photograph that you would like to use. We will make an enlarged photocopy of your photo in the workshop.  If you have embellishments that you would like to use for your own shadowbox, please feel free to bring them to the workshop.

"Stories to Tell"
Photo Memory Book Workshop

Date:  Wednesday, August 10th &17th 
Time:  7:00 to 9:00ish
Fee:  $55.00

A priceless gift to give to your grandchildren...a story about their Momma or Daddy when they were little.  We will create a four page book in this two part class, you can add additional pages on your own if you would like.  Page layout ideas will be sent home with each participant.  The only thing you need to bring are some of your favorite photos.  We will make color copies of them in the workshop.

"Little Houses"
Collage Workshop

Date:  Wednesday, July 20th 
Time:  7:00 to 9:00ish
Fee:  $35.00

All materials for the Little Houses Collage will be provided, which includes a cigar box to display your little houses.  If you prefer to use an actual frame, we welcome you to bring your own.

"A Little Birdie Told Me" 
Paper Mache' Workshop

Date:  Wednesday, August 3rd 
Time:  7:00 to 9:30ish
Fee:  $45.00

Learn how to make a Paper Mache’ Little Birdie in this fun workshop.  All materials to make a bird will be provided.  As each person creates their own little bird, the bird takes on his own personality.  No two birds turn out the same!

These are a few workshops that we are currently offering in my Vintage Arts Studio.

Come take a closer look at the workshop samples that will be displayed at the Friends of a Feather Spring Sale
If you cannot make it to the sale, feel free to email me @ for the workshop that you are interested in participating.  

We hope that you will join us for creatively fun time!

Friends of a Feather Spring Sale

We are looking forward to having you stop by our spring Friends of a Feather sale which is coming up next week -
Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th.