Sunday, January 31, 2010

The "Saloon No. 10" Assemblage

My husband Brian loves history and has always dreamed of having a "No. 10" Saloon in our home for a guy's place ~ (in case you don't know...Saloon No. 10 is the saloon that Wild Bill Hickock ~ was gunned down in Deadwood, South Dakota back in the late 1800's) ~ anyway, since my husband knows how important my art studio is to me, he has given up the idea to have his "saloon" in my studio area. I decided to make an assemblage for him that would reference the No. 10 that he could hang in his existing office ~ and this is what unfolded as I started pulling pieces and parts from my archives of found objects that I have been collecting for years. I think it turned out pretty well ~ and Brian certainly got a kick out of it!

I love old game pieces that have letters and numbers on it...the old antique map from an old abstract, along with the old document with the Spencerian handwriting, was perfect to use as the background.
The little cap gun ~ which says "Big Chief" on the side of it ~ was found at an antique store as I was still putting the project together. I had my eye out for something...and it was the perfect thing to pull it all together!

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