Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Special Little Visitor to My Studio ~

I had a special new little visitor in my studio this month ~ my new little buddy boy...Max McAlister!  He is my new grandson who was born just last month.  This was his first visit to Grama Lolli's house and art studio.

My daughter Sara came over to work on a small garland for an embellishment to an Easter basket that the Easter Bunny will leave for Max on Easter Sunday!
G-G (Great Grama) was there too working on her own project ~ she wouldn't miss a chance to see Sara and, of course, her new great-grandson Max McAlister!

Sara didn't have time to finish the project ~ the little eggs still need to be sealed with a coat of Modge-Podge and then they need to be attached to a bright, fun ribbon to hang it from the basket...I guess she and Max will have to make another visit to Grama's soon!
Needless to say...I personally didn't get much done this particular day in my studio...too precious of a time to enjoy with my new little love!  Though, I had just recently finished making my new little "Baby Bird" for a friend of mine who is having her own baby boy soon.


  1. I love this post ;) Max had a great time at Grama Lolli's. We'll be back soon to finish the basket...maybe this week sometime??

  2. I love this post ;) Max had a great time at Grama Lolli's. We'll be back soon to finish the basket...maybe sometime this week??

  3. Oh what a darling blessing indeed....and the baby bird is so cute too! I saw you got to visit Karla' lucky are you? I signed up to follow your darling blog and keep up with your posts!

    I am having a little "Blue Monday" might want to pop over a take a look. Loved visiting! Have a terrific week!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  4. Very cool these grand-babies we are blessed with 5 right now the oldest 2 years. What a sweet little Max. Congratulations, Now I am off to snoop around a bit and I will add you to my Blog s I follow.
    I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
    Stop on by for a chance to win!
    Join the Fun

    Hugs, Diane

  5. Such a sweet photo of you and your new little love...precious. I would have been cuddling with the little one myself...and the smell of enfant's is intoxicating...thank you for sharing the photos.

    I am looking forward to your Spring show....can't wait to attend the big event. Do you have a full artist list? I would love to participate with you girls if you have any room left in the show....regardless, I will be there to enjoy it with you. Hugs - Julie