Friday, October 14, 2011

A Home with an Early Overland Park History...

I love a vintage home and all of its comfortable charm and "not-so-perfect" unique qualities.  This little lovely one was home to my best "Friend of a Feather," (my mom), where she lived for 18 years, before recently moving in with my husband and me, and is now "our new spot" to showcase our Friends of a Feather unique finds and wonderful handmade treasures!

This home at 7612 W. 80th Street has a unique historic background in early Overland Park history.

William B Strang, Jr. (1857 - 1921) was an American railroad magnate who platted Overland Park, Kansas and is considered the founder of the community.[1]  In 1905 Strang purchased 600 acres south of Kansas City, a portion of land where this home sits.  Strang sold this particular piece of ground in approximately 1908-1910 to one of his employees, Mr. Langdon, for $75.00 so they could build this home in the new community where Mr. Langdon could work for Strang's Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway and live with his family.  This home is one of the three houses in a row on 80th street considered "a Strang home."

Come on by to see a bit of early Overland Park history, and shop our new Friends of a  Feather venue!

We feel privileged to own a beautiful little vintage home with such a rich history that dates back to the nostalgic times of old-town Overland Park.


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