Friday, June 5, 2009

Friends of a Feather was Born...

Mom and I eventually decided to sell our handmade treasures, as well as a few of our "over-abundance" of found primitive goodies, and started having sales on the back porch of my mom's vintage home in old downtown Overland Park, Kansas. Our sales have become quite a success over the years. We met Cheryl from Now & Then, who owns the darling store in old downtown Overland Park, we invited her to join us at our sales with some of the goodies from her shop.

We were gearing up for a sale a couple of years ago when Mom and I were in a creative arts store. I saw a woman drooling over some beautiful art papers. I could so relate to her excitement - we were like two kids in a candy store! I struck up a conversation with her and before we were through we had invited her - Kathi from TrayBella - to join our upcoming sale. And then the ball starting rolling...she had a friend, Joan, who was also a creative diva and she joined the sale as well - all of us "Friends of a Feather" - our "gathering of like-minded souls" was born!

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