Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sneak Peek ~ Show Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big event ~ Friends of a Feather Artisan Sale!

So of course tonight will be a late night for all of us participating! With the majority of goods unloaded and displayed tonight, many of us plan to arrive early to do some last minute tweaking. As for me, I still have a few last minute things I want to finish up tonight at home, so I left several others finishing up in the tent around 9:00. On my way out I shot a few photos ~ thanks to Photoshop, it doesn't look quite as dark as it actually was. Below are a few more photos to give you an idea of what we will be selling at the show ~ I only got a snippet of the goods as it was too dark in some parts of the tent to get a good photo. There are a few more photos here.

I'll tell you, there are some pretty wonderful things from this extra talented group of women ~ I am hoping I don't spend all my profits ~ it is going to be hard to avoid the temptation! If you want a great way to kick off your weekend make sure to stop by!

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  1. What a beautiful show this was! I'm so glad I was there and got to talk to so many of you - fun fun fun!