Friday, July 17, 2009

~ A Girl's "Craft Day" at The Vintage Arts Studio ~

I hosted a lovely group of "like-minded" souls at my Vintage Arts Studio ~ "A Girl's Day Out." I could see that these girl's were seasoned crafters! :) They brought their own goodies to work on and brought their supplies in boxes, bags, and rolling carts ~ it was amazing! They chatted for a few minutes before settling in to their "spot" ~ and then they got busy...the chatting among good friends never ceased ~ talking about life, creating, their passions, and sharing experiences ~ very uplifting and inspiring listening and watching these girls go to work!

Mother and daughter ~ sharing in the fun art of "crafting."

~ Some of the amazing projects that were being worked on ~

Some of the girls brought their own goodies to munch on ~ while some of them ordered a yummy box lunch that was provided by a dear "Friend of a Feather" of mine ~ Kathi ~ see the previous post to see her amazing artistic flair on box lunches!

A fun and very productive day was enjoyed by all!


  1. oh what fun pictures! Bethany had so much fun it sounds like we'll see you on tuesday!

  2. What a fun post! It was an amazing day--your studio is a great place to spend an afternoon:) Thanks!