Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Bird Family Moves In...

Our courtyard with hanging ferns under the
pergola where a momma and poppa house finch found their home. 
Here is Poppa bird overlooking
the courtyard from the nearby redbud tree.
I never imagined when I called our little group of like-minded friends "Friends of a Feather," that I would be able to witness actual "birds of feather" making their homes in my garden courtyard.  The courtyard that my husband and I designed in the front of our historic home is a beautiful and serene sanctuary for human and birdlife alike!  This is the third family of birds to call our courtyard home (see my cardinals and robins in previous posts.)  These little house finches found a special place in one of my hanging ferns under the pergola of our courtyard.  They are funny, quirky, high energy little birds who love to "chirp, chirp, chirp!"

What a beautiful Momma!
I was able to catch her in mid-flight,
finding her way to her nest in the hanging fern...
...where her little ones were waiting for breakfast!
The natural beauty of these little birds are breathtaking!
It was so interesting to hear their constant chirpful bird language...
they seemed to be discussing who would go for the next food run. 
Poppa was bringing in the next nibbles for their little ones.
Here is Poppa again in the redbud tree, looking down at me...
knowing by now that I am no threat to their babies.

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  1. You're getting some great pics with your new camera!