Friday, July 15, 2011

Cardinal's in the Courtyard

Not only did we have a family of Robin's nesting in our courtyard this spring, a family of cardinals moved in too!  They weren't as relaxed with us human's around as the Robin's had been, so we were a little more cautious about giving them their space.  First, there was one egg, then number two...but only one of them hatched, with a baby cardinal ready to be fed!
Momma watching over the courtyard at the peek of our roof.
The first egg.
Now there were two!
It's hard to see, but here is a shot of momma bird sitting
in her nest, keeping her eggs warm! (In the very middle of the photo).
Here's the daddy cardinal flying from the nest,
after a giving momma a break.
A very new baby cardinal, expecting whoever was there (me!)
to give him some nourishment.
Baby is growing...the eyes just starting to open.
You can see the second egg still unhatched.

Baby continued to grow...but he was a little frightened because
I was so close, so this was the last photo I took of him.
Momma was trying to scare us away, she was not
happy we were in "her courtyard!"
How beautiful!

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