Saturday, May 5, 2012

Needl Love Photo Shoot at My House

I had the honor of having Renee Nanneman of Needl Love bring her
creative team to my home this past week to do a photo shoot of her next quilt book!  
All of these projects are created using Renee's own line of gorgeous fabrics.
Doing a photo is alot of fun...and alot of hard work...constantly
reworking the scene...making sure of the perfect shot!
They reviewed the photos as they were taken on their laptop making sure
that the composition, lighting, and overall look of the photo is perfect! 

Sometimes the lighting was very tricky...they would hold up
foam core panels to reflect the light just right. 

My favorite shot...I have always wanted to put my own iron bed with a beautiful quilt
on it with flowing sheer curtains and a chandelier overhead under my pergola!  How romantic!  
The creative Needl Love team...Amy, Renee and Lesa...
Finding the perfect button {or two} for embellishment of an up close shot.

Time for lunch!!  Need to keep the strength up!

Renee preparing the next shot...
Amy modeled the flea market bag that Lesa designed...
another lovely, and very innovative, pattern that you can make yourself!
LOVE the details....
Renee's new book will be published soon...and will be featured at the
Quilt Market that is being held in Kansas City this month.
I am sure that it will be a hit, as all of Renee's beautiful quilt books are!

Good luck Renee, and thanks for letting me be a part of your creative process!

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