Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy week...after the Big Friends of a Feather Event

The fall is such a wonderfully cozy time to me...the beauty of nature is breathtaking...autumn presents itself in all of its warm and subtly rich hues. It has been a busy and fun week...the clean up and reorganization after the Friends of a Feather Fall Event, having a workshop in my studio, going to The Farmstead with some friends and spending a quiet, (finally sunny) Sunday afternoon with my husband Brian. I had to take some photos in the courtyard while the sun was shining brightly today...the sky was so blue!

These are a couple of my angels in my garden...hand created by Steve Hess.

This week in my Vintage Arts Studio Mom and I hosted our Rustic Winter Ornaments Workshop for a couple of lovely women who were sister-in-laws. Mom instructed them on how to make a couple of the ornaments that she designed using beautiful rustic fall colored wools. Mom is very patient when she teaches...though she will make you rip a stitch if you need to...I remember her making me rip stitches when I was a little unhappy as I was when she told me to do was always for the best! :)

The Farmstead...if you've been there, you know that this is all you need to say to describe this warm and inviting special place...Cheryl from Now & Then, my mom, Jana (a dear old friend of mine) and I went to The Farmstead owned by Kelly and Ron Littman located north of the was an beautiful the winding, gravel backroads of the countryside in Platte County...the sale had all kinds of wonderful architectural pieces, old wooden signage, handcrafted art and jewelry by very inspiring local artists to offer to the discerning eclectic buyer. A couple of the Friends of a Feather vendors were a part of this fabulous sale ~Angie, Junie "C", Mary Alice of Beading Hearts and Sheila and Craig of Odd Folies. This was my most favorite purchase from the sale...a local artist who just recently received the prestigious honor of winning 3rd place overall in the Westport Art Show~ Chari Roberts Peak...she is an outstanding artist!

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