Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Goodies to Look for at the Friends of a Feather Event this Week

I'd like to introduce to you our newest "Friends of a Feather" Artisan...Betsy Olson! You can see that she is an amazing potter. We are very excited to have her as part of our event this fall!I was immediately impressed with her work. She has been working all summer on some beautiful pieces and quite an assortment!

The added detail in some of her pieces are very unique and intricate.

These wonderful little "scary" creatures were handmade by Robin Macintosh and will be available at our show this week. They have such personality!

Robin will also have some of her fun little Christmas ornaments she made out of old tin molds. Too cute!

I made these fun Vintage Flowers made with old ephemera and made ephemera wrapped bottles for the vases with embellishments. I offer a class in my Vintage Arts Studio on how to make your own. Be sure to pick up a class schedule in the Studio while at the Friends of a Feather Sale this week.

This is one of my newest creations..."A Little Birdie Told Me" series of paper mache' birds with little sayings. I will have some of these fun little birds for sale, but I will also be offering a class at Vintage Arts Studio on how to make your own!

Craig and Sheila from Odd Folies made this wonderful repurposed printers drawer cabinet ~ fantastic for holding all kinds of "little diddles."

These are some of the other types of repurposed things that Craig and Sheila will be offering at our Friends of a Feather Sale.

Kathi of TrayBella is branching out with her amazing trays that she creates one at a time...with beautiful papers and fun, chunky handles.

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