Monday, April 5, 2010

A Gathering in My Studio!

Another Creative Workshop that I hosted in my studio recently was the Photo Memory Shadow Box Creative Workshop.  Each participant brought a photograph that they wanted to display in their shadow box.  Cari gathered a few things that belonged to her 88 year old grandmother to incorporate into her design ~ Cari said that her grandma was so excited and pleased that Cari wanted to make a memory shadow box of her.

I provided several boxes to choose from ~ cigar boxes are the best ~ they come in all sizes and depths!

Cari used an old crocheted doily that her great grandma had actually made as her back drop to the silhouetted photo of her grandma.  The embroidered piece was something that her grandma had made, and the buttons came from her grandma's personal stash.

The finished shadow boxes were so unique and fun!  I loved the way a spring-coil from an old watch was used to make an interesting "moving" element in this shadow box ~ and the old photo made current with a new outfit for the vintage woman to wear!

I had a few items on hand for the gals to use in their creations ~ I had a slew of old keys, wooden block letters from old games, and some old laces and little metal frames for them to use if they needed that "certain" element to finish off their works of art!

Pam had a cute series of photos of herself ~ she used an old book with the center cut out, and the pages glued together to create a perfect shadow box to display them, and with an old metal "P" stencil to give a hint of her identity!


  1. Beautiful creations - this looks like a fun workshop in your lovely studio....xo Julie

  2. Gosh I just love shadow boxes, thanks for posting!